Our Dream

It’s no secret that the image of Islam amongst those who aren’t Muslim continues to deteriorate with every act of terrorism, the misrepresentation of issues in “Muslim countries”, distortions by political and media personalities, but most of all… by us as Muslims.

Make no doubt, one of the reasons Islam is so easily maligned and attacked is mostly because of our own community. Whether it be through not educating those around us or whether we actually end up misrepresenting our Deen through our actions, we bear most of the responsibility of the distorted image of our Deen in the West.

Our Dream is Clear.

Imagine this. Millions of people in the West who see Islam not as a foe, something strange and foreign, backwards and archaic, but as a force for good to improve all avenues of life, as a partner in justice, and a resource to bring true change in people’s hearts.

Can you imagine millions of people who see Islam as we see Islam?

We can.

Our Mission is Simple.

We will work to improve and advance the image of Islam in the West, by engaging those who do not ascribe to our Deen.

Our Method is Unbelievably Innovative.

We will use the internet, social media, creative marketing, and huge-gigantic-in-your-face billboards and bulletins to spread the word. We will utilize the best of the resources this Ummah has to offer and we will do whatever we can to show the world all the good Islam has to offer.

That’s it.

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  • Our Dream

    Our Mission is simple. We will work to improve and advance the image of Islam in the West, by primarily engaging those who do not ascribe to our Deen, and also to those who do.

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