Our Dream

Minaret Foundation’s goal is simple – relay the ideals and values of Islam through the American-Muslim experience.

This includes communicating the pillars of Islam and Eman, just as much as communicating the struggle to separate ourselves from the cultural nuances of the immigrant experience and patching into the American Islam that has been present since the first days of Colonial America.

You won’t ever find us proselytizing Islam because theology isn’t our realm – community cohesion and relationship building is.

We’ve spoken at 100+ universities, churches, synagogues, social clubs, conferences, and provided sensitivity training for companies and governmental bodies. We’ll go anywhere there is an opportunity to have a tough conversation.

Holding hands and singing common praises isn’t something we’re quite interested in. We’d rather talk about our differences and learn more about one another through engaging community dialogue, speaking opportunities, and community building events.

If you’re interested in learning more, send us an email to info@minaretfoundation.com and let’s talk about how we can change our world together.





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  • Our Dream

    Our Mission is simple. We will work to improve and advance the image of Islam in the West, by primarily engaging those who do not ascribe to our Deen, and also to those who do.

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